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RiceWiki, a project of IC4R (Information Commmons for Rice) as well as a component of ScienceWikis, is a wiki-based, publicly editable and open-content platform for community curation of genes and Omics Knowledge in rice, viz., a community-curated resource of rice knowledge. Unlike conventional biological databases based on expert curation, RiceWiki harnesses collective intelligence to collect, edit and annotate information about rice, quantifies users' contributions in each annotated gene and provides explicit authorship for each contributor to encourage more participation from the whole scientific community. Welcome to join us !


  • Nothing great is ever accomplished in isolation. — Yo-Yo Ma
  • Imagine a world in which every single person on the planet has free access to the sum of all human knowledge. — Jimmy Wales, Founder of Wikipedia
  • Contribute your efforts, further our knowledge. — Zhang Zhang, Founder of ScienceWikis

Purpose & Aims

The purpose of RiceWiki is as follows.

  • Establish a community-based system for rice gene annotation.
  • Provide up-to-date, comprehensive, and professional annotations for rice.
  • Build related wiki extensions to ease content accessibility, adding and editing.
  • Measure users' contributions and give explicit authorship.


The majority of the rice information was initially seeded with a subset of information from NCBI RefSeq and Ensembl.


RiceWiki is run off of Mediawiki version 1.30.0 and currently has 116,328 pages. You can view other statistics on Special:Statistics.



We thank a number of users for sharing their valuable knowledge, making edits, sending suggestions and reporting bugs.


RiceWiki is supported by the “100-Talent Program” of Chinese Academy of Sciences (Y1SLXb1365; awarded to Zhang Zhang) and National Programs for High Technology Research and Development (863 Program; 2012AA020409).