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  • Heat stress transcription factor (Hsfs) is the thermal stress resistance of the center of the response regulator,indica and japonica genome has at least 25 genes of Hsf. According to the structure OsHsfs proteins can be divided into three categories. Digital Northern analysis showed expression of a constitutively OsHsfs, most OsHsfs all tissues have low to moderate levels of expression, wherein, OsHsfA4a OsHsfA4d expression and ears, respectively advantages and adult leaves, while all OsHsfs in both ears and flower higher expression. OsHsfs expression of heat stress and oxidative stress response, and between members of different gene families are different, in the heat and hydrogen peroxide treatment, A class Hsfs than B, C categories have higher expression. OsHsfA1a, OsHsfA2b, OsHsfA3, OsHsfA7, OsHsfA9, OsHsfB2c, OsHsfC1b during thermal processing is upregulated and hydrogen peroxide, and OsHsfA2a, OsHsfA2c, OsHsfA2e, OsHsfA4a, OsHsfB2b, OsSHFC1b upregulated only in the heat treatment is identified in the promoter region of these OsHsfs some with stress-related cis-acting elements, however, the gene for heat stress response between these cis-elements and no significant correlation.


  • OsHsfs conclude a conserved DNA N terminal binding domain located near the DBD and a hydrophobic residues HR-A / B, near the HR-A / B structure has a nuclear localization signal NLS. In addition OsHsfA7 and B, C are two types of small molecules Hsf, in all other OsHsfA a C-terminal leucine-rich nuclear export signal NES. Only OsHsfA with the C-terminal activation domain CTAD, which indicates that only OsHsfA can self activate. By protein sequence alignment, the distance HR-A and HR-B domain of domains between the ABC divided into three OsHsfs. Including 13 OsHsfAs, 8 个 OsHsfBs and 4 OsHsfCs.

A total of 9 different cis-acting elements commonly existed in the promoters of OsHsfs. Seven of these cis-acting elements were related to stress responses. Two cis-acting elements with the highest frequency were G-box/Sp1 and abscisic acid (ABA) response element (ABRE). These two elements are involved in the light responsiveness and the ABA response, respectively . CCGTCC/CAT-box, LTR, and ARE/GC-motif are cis-acting elements related to meristem expression, low temperature response, and anaerobic induction. Compared with classes B and C OsHsf genes, class A genes contained more these two cis-elements, suggesting that class A genes may play different roles from classes B and C genes.In addition to these two elements, other cis-elements occurred at a similar frequency among the promoters of these three classes.


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 Digital Northern analysis showed that OsHsfs were expressed constitutively. The expressions of these OsHsfs in response to heat stress and oxidative stress differed among the members of the gene family. Promoter analysis identified a number of stress-related cis-elements in the promoter regions of these OsHsfs. No significant correlation, however, was found between the heat-shock responses of genes and their cis-elements.


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 Most proteins fixed their positions in the different phylogenetic trees, a few Hsfs changed their positions.

Labs working on this gene

State Key Laboratory of Plant Physiology and Biochemistry. College of Life Science. Zhejiang University.


Wang et al.Identification and expression analysis of OsHsfs in rice,Journal of Zhejiang University SCIENCE B, 2009, 10(4): 291-300.

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