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OsGDI3 functions as a negative regulator of OsMAPK2 through modulating its kinase activity[1].

Annotated Information


  • OsGDI3 facilitates the recycling of OsRab11 with a help of OsGAP1. OsGDI3 complement the yeast sec19-1 mutant, a temperature-sensitive allele of the yeast GDI gene, suggesting that OsGDI3 is a functional ortholog of yeast GDI[1].
  • OsGDI3 interacts with several OsRab proteins, including OsRab2, OsRab5, OsRab7 and OsRab11. OsGDI3 negatively regulates the activity of OsMAPK2, the autophosphorylation activity of OsMAPK2 is inhibited by OsGDI3 in vitro. SCR2 and/or SCR3 region in OsGDI3 is necessary for physical interaction with OsMAPK2 and inhibition of OsMAPK2 activity. OsGDI3 can play a role in decreasing the MAPK activity in Arabidopsis[1].

GO assignment(s): GO:0005093,GO:0015031, GO:0043087


Ectopic expressions of OsGDI3 in Arabidopsis cause reductions at the level of phosphorylated AtMPK in phosphorylation activity.

Knowledge Extension

  • GDP dissociation inhibitor (GDI) plays an essential role in regulating the state of bound nucleotides and subcellular localizations of Rab proteins. An approximation of the three-dimensional structure of the Ga subunit has been developed on the basis ofthe crystal structure of the small, G protein Ras and ofelongation factor TU, another GTP binding protein[2].
  • Ras ordinarily GTP very slowly. The rate of hydrolysis is accelerated by interaction with another protein called the GTPase activating protein(GAP)[2].

Labs working on this gene

  • Department of Molecular Biotechnology, Dong-A University, Busan 604-714, Republic of Korea
  • Division of Applied Life Sciences (BK21), Graduate School of Gyeongsang National University, Jinju 660-701, Republic of Korea


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Structured Information