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The rice Os03g0215400 was reported as OsMADS1 in 2013 [1] by researchers from India.

Annotated Information

Gene Symbol

  • Os03g0215400 <=> OsMADS1, LHS, lhs1, lhs, lhs2, op, nsr, MADS1


Figure 1. The OsMADS1-DGR fusion protein is functional on induction in transgenic rice (from reference[1]).

MADS1,belongs to MADS box transcription factors,and mediate floral development in association with other regulators.LEAFY HULL STERILE1/OsMADS1 is required for specifying a single floret on the spikelet meristem and for floret organ development, but its downstream mechanisms are unknown. OsMADS1 is expressed in FMs, functions during FM(floral meristem) establishment and floret organ patterning, and contributes to meristem termination. OsMADS1 has global effects on transcriptional networks and hormonal signaling pathways. It also participates in modulating the expression of various shoot meristem and FM transcription factors and of auxin- and cytokinin-mediated signaling events. We find that some directly regulated transcription factors and signaling targets of OsMADS1 are distinct from those of Arabidopsis SEP3[1].

Figure 2. Global profile of genes and pathways deregulated in OsMADS1 knockdown panicles. (from reference[1]).

1、OsMADS1, OsMADS6, and OsMADS15/DEP together control FM specification, yet they have unequal roles during organ differentiation, as suggested by differences in their expression domains concomitant with the emergence of lateral organs[2].

2、OsMADS1 function in promoting the spikelet-to-floret transition by directly reducing OsMADS34 expression levels in the young spikelet. OsMADS34 is suggested to act temporally earlier than OsMADS1.In developingpanicles, spikelets, and florets, these two genes have partly exclusive and some overlapping expression patterns[3].

3、OsMADS1 can promote the spikelet-to-floret transition by simultaneously activating positive regulators of FM fate (i.e.OsMADS55) and repressing spikelet meristem factors like OsMADS34.

4、OsMADS1 contributes to the maintenance of FM identity and its determinate development. Genetic and physical interactions of OsMADS1 suggest that in promoting FM identity, it acts in conjunction with a SEP sister clade (AGL6-like) member.

5、OsMADS1 has a direct role in positively regulating auxin signaling and response during floret development.

6、OsMADS1 complexes bind and directly modulate the expression status of genes for transcription factors and hormone signaling components to promote the formation of a single determinate fertile floret on a spikelet meristem.

7、OsMADS1 Directly Regulates Several Other Transcription Factors Implicated in FM Specification, Maintenance, and Determinacy.


  • LEAFY HULL STERILE1/OsMADS1, from a grass-specific subgroup of LOFSEP genes, is required for specifying a single floret on the spikelet meristem and for floret organ development, but its downstream mechanisms are unknown.
  • The largely shared functions of Arabidopsis SEP genes differ from observations that homologs in other plants often have discrete roles in floral developmen, but the molecular mechanism underlying their species-specific roles is not well studied.

Labs working on this gene

  • Department of Microbiology and Cell Biology, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore 560012, India.


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