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Annotated Information

Gene Symbol

  • Os03g0215200 <=> DL,OsDL,DROOPING LEAF


DROOPING LEAF (DL)gene plays a regulatory role in the formation of rice carpel, flower meristem and development, while regulate the formation of rice leaf veins by promoting cell proliferation through the middle (Yamaguchi et al., 2004). In the development of plants, related genes of tissue differentiation and organ development is regulated by time and space. DL is a member of the family YABBY, it promotes the formation and differentiation of leaf Mahogany leather veins. Consistent with these features, DL initial (presumably in the vein of position) and meristem presumed carpel position expressed in the central area of ​​the leaf primordia. The DL gene has an important function in rice development. Loss-of-function mutation of DL fails to form midrib, a strong structure formed in the central region of the leaf, resulting in a drooping leaf phenotype. DL encodes a putative transcription factor that belongs to the YABBY family, suggesting that it plays an essential role in these developmental processes by regulating many downstream genes, either directly or indirectly. (Abiko M et al., 2008)


Sequence analysis showed that, DL is one of the YABBY gene family. DL cDNA total length is 1037 bp, contains seven exons, and encoding a 194 amino acid protein product. The product contains two distinct domains: an amino-terminal zinc finger domain and a domain YABBY the carboxyl terminus. At the zinc finger domains, DL YABBY protein has similarity with other protein about 48.6 ~ 87.5%; and in the field of YABBY, DL protein has similarity with other YABBY proteins about 62.7 ~ 83.6%(Yamaguchi et al, 2004.). DL gene in rice small flower and leaf primordia skin-specific expression of the main veins, while being negative regulation by B genes such as the genes of SPW1(Nagasawa et al, 2003;. Yamaguchi et al, 2004.).


Please input evolution information here. DL genes control the development of carpel rice flower and leaf veins, the gene abnormality causes leaf midrib and sheath hypoplasia, flowers have different degrees of deformity. Now this locus has found four recessive mutant alleles: dl-1, dl-2, dl-sup1 and dl-sup2.

Labs working on this gene

In order to clarify the mechanism of regulating expression of Os03g0215200, the authors identified cis-acting elements required for expression of this gene in time and space. The authors found that cis-acting elements in the vein of the leaf primordia assumed regional expression located in intron 2. Next they defined in the sequence of this region of about 200bp of the region and considered to be a conservative non-coding sequence, identified by phylogenetic blotting. Furthermore, some of the known sequences DG1, including a 5 'upstream region of about 7.4 kb intron 1 and 2, Os03g0215200 is proved sufficiently to cause expression of the assumption in the vein, and to suppress the expression of leaf primordia in the other regions, however it controls the expression of different heart Pete area is not located in DG1. The author use DG1 control the expressed sequence Os03g0215200-1 precisely, and then changed the morphology of rice: the resulting transgenic plants produced a blade at the end of the vein, this location is not in the vein of the wild type, and compared with the wild-type, it formed more upward the blade (Ohmori et al., 2011).


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