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The rice Os03g0182800 was reported as OsERF#060 in 2006 [1] by researchers from Japan.

Annotated Information

Gene Symbol

  • Os03g0182800 <=> OsERF#060


  • Genes in the ERF family encode transcriptional regulators with a variety of functions involved in the developmental and physiological processes in plants.
  • It has been demonstrated that the AP2/ERF proteins have important functions in the transcriptional regulation of a variety of biological processes related to growth and development, as well as various responses to environmental stimuli.
  • Genes in the AP2 family have been shown to participate in the regulation of developmental processes, e.g. flower development (Elliott et al., 1996), spikelet meristem determinacy (Chuck et al., 1998), leaf epidermal cell identity (Moose and Sisco, 1996), and embryo development (Boutilier et al., 2002).[2]


  • The ERF family is a large gene family of transcription factors and is part of the AP2/ERF superfamily, which also contains the AP2 and RAV families
  • The AP2/ERF superfamily is defined by the AP2/ERF domain, which consists of about 60 to 70 amino acids and is involved in DNA binding.
  • The AP2 family proteins contain two repeated AP2/ERF domains, the ERF family proteins contain a single AP2/ERF domain, and the RAV family proteins contain a B3 domain, which is a DNA-binding domain conserved in other plant-specific transcription factors, including VP1/ABI3, in addition to the single AP2/ERF domain.
  • The expansion of the ERF family in plants might have been due to chromosomal/segmental duplication and tandem duplication, as well as more ancient transposition and homing.
  • Since rice is a cultivated species, selection either during domestication from its wild ancestor or during agricultural improvement in the subsequent time may also have been important for the evolution of rice ERF family.[3]

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Labs working on this gene

  • Molecular and Cellular Breeding Research Group, Institute for Biological Resources and Functions, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, Tsukuba, Ibaraki 305–8566, Japan (T.N., K.S., H.S.);
  • Graduate School of Life and Environmental Sciences, University of Tsukuba, Tsukuba, Ibaraki 305–8672, Japan (T.N., T.F.)


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