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The rice Os01g0726400 was reported as CFO1 in 2012 [1] by researchers from Korea and Japan.

Annotated Information

Figure 1. Palea identity in cfo1 and wild-type flowers.[1].

Gene Symbol

  • Os01g0726400 <=> OsMADS32,TRI1,CFO1


  • The rice CHIMERIC FLORAL ORGANS(CFO1) is a MIKC-type MADS box gene, CHIMERIC FLORAL ORGANS (CFO1), which plays a key role in the regulation of floral organ identity in rice (Oryza sativa).
  • Map-based cloning demonstrated that CFO1 encoded the OsMADS32 protein.
  • CFO1 gene plays a pivotal role in maintaining floral organ identity through negative regulation of DL expression.

Phenotypic analysis

  • The cfo1 mutant displayed defective marginal regions of the palea, chimeric floral organs, and ectopic floral organs.


  • The expression domains of CFO1 were mainly restricted to the marginal region of the palea and inner floral organs. The floral organ identity gene DROOPING LEAF (DL) was expressed ectopically in all defective organs of cfo1 flowers. Double mutant analysis revealed that loss of DL function mitigated some of the defects of floral organs in cfo1 flowers.


  • Phylogenetic analysis revealed that CFO1/OsMADS32 belonged to a monocot-specific clade in the MIKC-type MADS box gene family.

Labs working on this gene

  • Rice Research Institute (X.S., Y.Li, Z.L., D.R., L.F., N.W., F.Z., Y.Ling, Z.Y., G.H.)
  • Chongqing Key Laboratory of Application and Safety Control of Genetically Modified Crops (X.S., Y.Li, D.R., L.F., F.Z., Z.Y., G.H.)
  • Engineering Research Center of South Upland Agriculture, Ministry of Education (Z.L., Y.Ling, G.H.)
  • Southwest University, Chongqing 400715, China; and School of Biotechnology and Food Engineering, Hefei
  • University of Technology, Hefei 230009, China (Y.Liu)


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Structured Information