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86,216 rice genes inside
Contribute your efforts, further our knowledge.
RiceWiki, a project of IC4R (Information Commmons for Rice) as well as a component of ScienceWikis, is a wiki-based, publicly editable and open-content platform for community curation of genes and Omics Knowledge in rice, viz., a community-curated resource of rice knowledge. Unlike conventional biological databases based on expert curation, RiceWiki harnesses collective intelligence to collect, edit and annotate information about rice, quantifies users' contributions in each annotated gene and provides explicit authorship for each contributor to encourage more participation from the whole scientific community. Welcome to join us !
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      |*******Recently Curated Genes*******|
Os06g0683400, Os03g0125100, Os01g0192000
Os01g0848400, Os06g0107700, Os10g0563600
Os01g0919400, Os03g0180800, Os12g0583700
Os09g0306400, Os10g0553300, Os09g0286400
Omics Knowledge Portal for Rice (OKP4R)
  • OKP4R: a multidisciplinary portal to share omics knowledge for rice. (More...)
Figure 1. Omics Knowledge Portal for Rice
Rice Story
  • As an important food
Rice is the seed of the monocot plants Oryza sativa (Asian rice) or Oryza glaberrima (African rice). As a cereal grain, it is the most important staple food for a large part of the world's human population, especially in East Asia, Southeast Asia, South Asia, the Middle East, and the West Indies. It is the grain with the third-highest worldwide production, after maize (corn) and wheat, according to data for 2010 (Full article...).
  • As a biological model
Rice is also a model organism for the biological study of the grass family of crops and other plants. The two most common rice cultivars, indica and japonica, were completely sequenced in 2002. The genome sequences of domesticated rice provide a solid foundation for integrating biological information, including genetics, gene expression, development, physiology and evolution.
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Primary publication:

  • RiceWiki: a wiki-based database for community curation of rice genes. Nucleic Acids Research (2014), 42(Database issue):D1222-1228. PMID=24136999

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